1-3 William Perry

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra (14:03)

1. Jazz Promenade. Allegro giocoso 5:08
2. Ballad. Adagio cantabile 4:21
3. Carnival! Con Rio Brio 4:34

4 Amilcare Ponchielli

Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in F Major (14:29)

In One Movement (Allegro risoluto – Andante cantabile – Allegro – 
Theme and variations I, II, III – Finale, Allegro brillante

5-7 Johann Melchior Molter

Concerto for Trumpet and and String Orchestra (10:23)

5.   Allegro moderato 4:27
6. Andante 4:08
7. Allegro giocoso 1:48

8-10 Oskar Böhme

Concerto for Trumpet and and String Orchestra (15:49)

8.   Allegro moderato 6:52
9. Andante religioso 4:10
10. Allegretto – Rondo (Allegro scherzando) 4:47

10-12 William Perry

Two Dance Pieces for Trumpet and Orchestra (8:20)
(World Premiere Recordings)

11. Mediterranean (Bolero) 4:24
12. Imperial Waltzes 3:57

Total Playing Time: 63:09

Armando Ghitalla: A Trumpet Legacy
Armando Ghitalla, Trumpet
Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra · Cappella Istropolitana
William Perry, Conductor

This CD is a tribute to Armando Ghitalla (1925-2001), one of the outstanding classical trumpet performers of our time and considered among the finest teachers of the instrument in the latter decades of the 20th Century. These are Ghitalla’s final studio recordings, and it is appropriate that the selections represent music that he most enjoyed performing during his long and distinguished career. Included are three colorful pieces written for the soloist by William Perry: the popular Trumpet Concerto and the Two Dance Dances for Trumpet and OrchestraThe first  of these dances is a lyric bolero called “Mediterranean,” and the second, “Imperial Waltzes,” is a glittering technical display piece evoking an opulent ball in the days of Czarist Russia.

Armando Ghitalla A Trumpet Legacy

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