Act One

1.   Orchestral Prelude. "When out on the River" 1:50
2. We're Goin' Fishin' 5:50
3. A Pilot on the Mississippi 2:44
4. Welcome to Paris 2:00
5. The Can-Can 3:58
6. Roughing It 8:44
7. National Lecture Tour 2:50
8. The Skating Madrigal 6:10
9. I Know There's a Place 4:18
10. The House on the Hill 2:21




Act Two

11. The Camelot Rag 6:28
12. Round the World Lecture Tour 2:14
13. Russian Dance 2:24
14. When out on the River 3:57
15. Let's Give the Folks a Taste of Royalty 5:16
16. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 3:29
17. Men of Oxford 3:04
18. Finale. I Know There's a Place; Homeward Bound 4:23


Total Playing Time: 71:55

Mr. Mark Twain: The Musical 
Original Cast Recording
~The Complete Score~
Book by Jane Iredale · Music and Lyrics by William Perry

This entertaining musical biography of Mark Twain ran for more than 700 performances, and here for the first time is the complete score with its original cast and the accompaniment of a full symphony orchestra. The humorous but also moving story of Twain’s life is artfully mixed with production numbers based on his most famous books: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Roughing It, The Innocents Abroad, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

The New York Times calls the show “An extravaganza of singing, acting, and dancing,” and the New York Daily News review says: “A treat to look at and hear, Mark Twain is a stirring reminder, both of a great American and a great American musical tradition.”

An earlier and abbreviated release under the title “Mark Twain – the Musical” has long been out-of-print, and this newly-mastered complete recording belongs in every original cast collection.

Mr. Mark Twain The Musical

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